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Bathroom Tiles

Since 2005, we have not advertised our Brothers Too Contracting home improvement services in any media. All of our customers have come from word of mouth referrals. Not a single yellow page ad, flyer, or cable commercial. We think this speaks volumes. In order to reach a larger group of homeowners in need of remodeling, renovation, or home improvement contractors, we decided to expand our business and launch We believe our success in Calgary home improvement over the years has come from hard work, honesty and most of all a passion for what we do. We thank our loyal, repeat customers and the friendships we have built and look forward to assisting many more customers with their home remodeling projects for many years to come.  Home improvement decisions can be a challenging process. Which of the many Calgary construction contractors should I choose? Which remodeling contractor is best and will get my project done on time and right the first time? Home improvement is one of the most important decisions a family can make. The planning, design and efficient execution of a home remodeling project make all the difference in the level of comfort and happiness a family will experience. At Brothers Too Contracting, we spend significant time planning on the front end of the project to determine how we can perform the highest quality of work, for the least amount of money and the least amount of inconvenience to the family.  Please check out our before & after photos and videos detailing start to finish work.  We look forward to helping you achieve your dream renovation!  

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